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Why is it worth investing here

Why is it worth investing in Poland?

Polska w liczbach

Poland has a stable economy with an established macroeconomic position. The unique conditions for running and opening business are supported by repeatedly proven resistance to economic crises. More on More on PAIH.

Why is it worth investing in Syców Commune?


Transport accessibility as the KEY advantage of Syców

Syców Zachód Węzeł S8Extremely advantageous location in the vicinity of dynamically developing Wrocław agglomeration, which is one of the main centres of Poland's development. 30 minutes from the capital of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, and 45 minutes from the international airport.

Location of the commune on the route of the existing and planned communication routes of regional, national and European importance. The S8 route with three junctions runs through the Syców commune. 30 minutes from the S5 route and 15 minutes from the newly built S11 route.



Investment areas at the S8 route

Tereny inwestycyjne przy S8The location of investment areas along the S8 route has potential not only in terms of logistics, but it is also a great advantage as far as its potential and market power are concerned. Thousands of cars pass through here every day. It is a very big image value.


Large educational facilities for the blue collar staff

For students living in the communes: Syców, Dziadowa Kłoda, Międzybórz, Twardogóra, Kobyla Góra, Perzów:

  • Vocational School,
  • School of Economics,
  • School of Business,
  • Mechanical School
  • Secondary School

High employment potential of senior staff in the Wrocław Agglomeration

Gmina Syców Over 27 universities in Wrocław educate thousands of graduates of various faculties in the fields of technology, IT, agriculture, environment, medicine and many others. A full list of Wrocław universities can be found: https://study-in-wroclaw.pl/en/




Efficient service at the stage of administrative decisions  

Environmental decisionsDecyzje środowiskowe

  •  since 2019:

22 decisions were issued for industrial investments

  • in progress::

5 proceedings concerning industrial investments


Friendly town to its inhabitants

  • 5 primary schools in Syców commune, including 3 in Syców
  • 8 pre-schools, including 4 public and 2 private in Syców
  • 2 nurseries
  • 5 secondary schools, including 4 with a secondary school leaving examination
  • 3 clinics
  • Hospital wards
  • Branches of the poviat starosty in the City and Village Council
  • Culture Centre units (museum, library, stage scene, mobile cinema)
  • Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre units (hall, playing fields, swimming pool, lagoon)
  • 2 football clubs, sailing club, mountain club
  • Numerous associations

The presence of market leaders in various economy sectors:

Investment outlays for roads:

  • Połączenie 1500D z Węzeł S8 Syców Zachód2020/ modernisation of Lawendowa Street - KPLN 180 (road to Pro Ascobloc)

  • 12.2020/ takeover of Strefowa Street in Syców from WSEZ

  • 03.2021/ commencement of design documentation for the 1st stage of the section (finally, road 1500D will be connected with S8 Syców West junction) approx. MPLN 15 (years 2023-2027. II stages)

  • 2021/ reconstruction of the intersection of road 1500D with road DW, MPLN 448,6   (2022-2023)

  • 2021/ takeover of the road crossing Syców Commune from PKP (Polish National Railways) in Stradomia Wierzchnia to improve access to Team Plast (PLN 270,000)

  • 2022/ construction of a commune road, Malczewskiego Street, approx. PLN MPLN 10 of outlays (2023-2025)

  • 2022/ modernisation of Szarych Szeregów Street, MPLN 2

Investment plans:

  • In 2020, commencement of work on changing the spatial development study to transform approx. 100 ha of agricultural land into industrial land (along S8) and several dozen ha for solar farms
  • In 2020, 150 more kindergarten places in communal educational institutions - 4 new kindergarten groups (including 3 public ones).
  • Commencement of design work to extend the road infrastructure to industrial areas located from the WSSE Invest Park to the S8 Wrocław -  Syców West junction
  • Road and infrastructure investment with the support of external funds in the amount of approx. MPLN 2 in 2020/2021
  • Implementation of the plan for the construction of the Lower Silesian Bicycle Highway in 2020-2022 and the development of tourist areas in the aspect of regional and national tourism.

Construction potential in the commune (2020):

 Tereny pod zabudowęResidential development areas:
  • 1700 ha
Service development areas:
  • 1000ha
Industrial development areas:
  • 900 ha
Agricultural land / forests, greenery and water:
  • 4500 ha / - 4800 ha

Once a year, the commune accepts entrepreneurs' applications for changes to the spatial development study and spatial development plans, taking into account development plans.

Investments in tourist areas


Zalew StradomiaThe Stradom reservoir is located only 8 km from the market square in Syców and is a place of rest for the inhabitants of the town, commune and neighbouring poviats. There are also almost 15 ha of investment areas here, which will be developed for tourist services in the near future.




Tourist attractions in Syców and Syców Commune

  • Municipal Park in Syców
  • Forest arboretum in Stradomia
  • Catholic and Evangelical Churches
  • Regional Museum in Syców
  • Observation tower and belfry
  • Monuments and memorials
  • Historic ruins
  • Natural areas

Check what else is worth visiting in Syców: sycow.pl/czas-wolny/warto-zobaczyc

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Actualisation: 7.02.2024