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About the Commune


Dariusz Maniak Burmistrz MiG Syców


Our new strategy, recently adopted by town councillors, which we developed with the participation of inhabitants and outstanding specialists, is a very ambitious document. Despite the fact it was created at a difficult time of the pandemic, I would like it to be the beginning of a new chapter in the history of Syców - the moment when we will open up even more to projects that attract investors and viably improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. We have the right people, knowledge and resources to do this!


Dariusz Maniak, Mayor of the Town and Commune of Syców

dr. hab. Andrzej Sztando



It is inhabited by people operating with high levels of activity, skills and ambitions. It is the greatest resource of this commune.

Andrzej Sztando, Ph.D., professor at UEW - the author of the Strategy


Syców Commune

Gmina Syców Syców Commune is situated in the north-eastern part of the Lower Silesia Province, within the administrative borders of the Oleśnica Poviat, 50 km from Wrocław. Syców is an important communication junction with S8 Wrocław - Warsaw international route and the national roads Opole - Kalisz and Wrocław - Kalisz. The population of the town and the commune is currently approx. 16,500 inhabitants, of which 10,800 live in the town, and the remaining part of the population lives in 12 village administrations:

  • Biskupice
  • Drołtowice
  • Działosza
  • Gaszowice
  • Komorów
  • Nowy Dwór
  • Stradomia Wierzchnia
  • Szczodrów
  • Ślizów
  • Wielowieś
  • Wioska
  • Zawada

In total, the Town and the Commune covers an area of 144 km2. The commune is located in the complex of Rychtalskie Forests, at an altitude of 165 m above sea level, in a mildly undulated area called the Sycowskie Depression, between the Trzebnickie Hills and the Ostrzeszów Hills. The most important hill in the vicinity is the Zbójnik Mountain (272 m above sea level), located near Międzybórz. Surface waters belong to the catchment area of Barycz river and the rivers originating in the commune of Syców - Widawa, which in turn constitute the Odra river basin.

Transport accessibility 


Syców Zachód Węzeł S8

Extremely advantageous location in the vicinity of dynamically developing Wrocław agglomeration, which is one of the main centres of Poland's development. 30 minutes from the capital of Lower Silesia, Wrocław, and 45 minutes from the international airport.

Location of the commune on the route of the existing and planned communication routes of regional, national and European importance. The S8 route with three junctions runs through Syców commune. 30 minutes from the S5 route and 15 minutes from the newly built S11 route.



Main production sectors

Plants located in the town and commune of Syców are associated with traditions in the field of industrial production: 

  • wood industry,
  • carpentry industry,
  • furniture industry,
  • metal industry.

Thanks to numerous farms, agricultural production is also present here. Some of the smaller companies render mainly forwarding, general construction or commercial services.

Planned investments in the commune:

Due to the adopted Syców City and Commune Development Strategy 2020-2030, the best investments will be:

  • warehouse halls, 
  • logistics,
  • light industry,
  • tourism,
  • gritourism,
  • solar farms,
  • multi-family housing,
  • single-family housing,

The above directions of development are very promising in terms of excellent communication, natural natural values ​​and the proximity of Wrocław.

Institutions supporting business development:


  • ul. Kościelna 5,
  • 56-500 Syców
  • Dolnośląska Agencja Współpracy Gospodarczej Sp. z o.o.
  • aleja Kasztanowa 3A - 5,
  • 53-125 Wrocław
  • Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.
  • ul. Krucza 50
  • 00-025 Warszawa


  • Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego
  • Wybrzeże Słowackiego 12-14
  • 50-411 Wrocław
  • Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki we Wrocławiu
  • pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1
  • 50-153 Wrocław
  • Dolnośląska Instytucja Pośrednicząca
  • ul. Strzegomska 2-4
  • 53-611 Wrocław


  • BNB Poland
  • Gwiaździsta 66/2B
  • 53-413 Wrocław


Town and Commune of Syców

Wrocław /Lower Silesia

Detailed browser of investors is available here: invest-in-wroclaw.pl 

Investment zones


Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" was established in 1997 and covers 174 communes located in 3 provinces of south-western Poland (Dolnośląskie, Opolskie and Wielkopolskie provinces). Thanks to the investments of global giants such as Toyota, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Umicore, not only the automotive industry is developing in south-west Poland, but also related industries such as metal and plastic processing, as well as logistics and warehouse services for this sector. Nearly 50% of the companies operating in the WSEZ are representatives of small and medium-sized business. Micro- enterprises have also invested in the zone. WSEZ "INVEST-PARK" was also
awarded for the dynamics of development of the companies that have their plants here. First of all, another project of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland gained recognition. Thanks to the investments of the Japanese concern, Poland has become the second centre, apart from Asia, producing modern hybrid drives. Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone "INVEST-PARK" is especially recommended for locating investments in Europe and appreciated for the quality and comprehensive service for entrepreneurs. More information about SEZ can be found at invest-park.com.pl


Human potential in the commune:


  • 3860 zł brutto 90% przeciętnego wynagrodzenia w Polsce


  • Vocational school,
  • Economic School,
  • Trade school,
  • Mechanical School

Schools are located in the city of Sycowa and are directly accessible to students from the communes of Syców, Dziadowa Kłoda, Międzybórz, Twardogóra, Kobyla Góra, Perzów.

A very wide selection of secondary schools is located in the nearby poviat cities - Oleśnica, Ostrzeszów, Kępno and in Wrocław.

High employment potential of senior staff in the Wrocław Agglomeration

Gmina Syców Over 27 universities in Wrocław educate thousands of graduates of various faculties in the fields of technology, IT, agriculture, environment, medicine and many others. A full list of Wrocław universities can be found here.

Municipal economy

 In 2020, the company spent PLN 8,328,094.31 net on investments out of the company's own funds in the amount of PLN 4,650,794.60 net and from the refund of funds in the amount of PLN 3,677,299.71 from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management as part of the application submitted in 2017 for co-financing from EU aid funds for the task entitled "Construction of a sanitary sewage system, rainwater sewage system and distribution water supply network, as well as reconstruction and expansion of the municipal sewage treatment plant in the Syców agglomeration". 

The length of the water supply network in Syców commune is currently 146.5 km. In 2020, over 2.7 km of the water supply network and over 2 km of water supply connections were made. The length of the sewage network owned by the company in Syców Commune is currently over 55 km and in 2020, more than 0.5 km of this network was completed. There are 4,053 water intake points in Syców commune. 2020 was a record year in terms of new connections to the water supply network (79 more, in comparison to 2019). SGK has 3 water treatment plants,      2 sewage treatment plants, 9 sewage pumping stations and two water pumping stations in Bielawki and Syców.


Invest in Poland

Check why it is worth investing in Poland: https://www.paih.gov.pl/why_poland

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